Import:* Import of the foreign goods directly from the manufacturer country or intermediary country

For personal use, for industrial, constructional, agricultural and other enterprises, or for further conversion for domestic use, or for export from the country

* Import of the goods from free trade zone or bonded warehouses

* Import of previously exported goods, that were not converted abroad

Such import is called re-import. Re-import includes goods not sold at the auctions, returned from consignment warehouse, rejected by the buyer etc.

* import of the goods for further conversion under the customs control. This includes the import for conversion and further export of the finished product, which includes these goods in converted or altered form.


* export of the goods manufactured, grown or mined inside the country, as well as the goods imported before and converted

* export of the goods, which was imported before and converted under the customs control;

* export of the goods imported before, which was not converted in any way in export country;

Such export is called re-export. Usually the re-export includes the goods, sold at the international auctions and commodity exchanges. Also re-export includes the export from free trade zones and bonded warehouses. They are considered by customs statistics as export.