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    Road transportation
  • Transportation by trucks from 1 m3 to 120 m3 capacity; lifting capacity up to 21 tons.
  • Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods (in reefer trailer).
  • Transportation of fragile and high-value goods in full metal trailers.
  • Transportation of excisable goods.
  • Transportation of LCL cargo (from 1kg) and FCL.
  • CMR insurance.
  • TIR procedure transportation.
  • Delivery of export-import goods between the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Black Sea Basin countries, to CIS countries and back, traffic inside CIS.

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Our company has a rich experience of succesfull dealing with such goods as: excise goods (motor oil, cars etc.), food, copiers,
medical equipment, medications,industrial equipment, special equipment, as well as goods requiring classification decision by Federal Customs Service of Russia, etc.
Service package for customs clearance includes::

  • Analysis of accompanying documents
  • Declaration of goods, cargo customs declaration filing.
  • Submission of documents to customs service
  • Preliminary calculation and payment of customs fees and charges.
  • Getting the permits (including goods certification)
We are ready to act as a contract holder in Kaliningrad region for customs clearance on СЭЗ terms. Base on these terms the gooods are cleared without
paying customs fees and charges.

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RUSTRANS Group of Companies is a team of professionals in insurance, who are always ready to help you. Our team motto is: “Customers interests are above all».
This motto can be confirmed by our customers who recommend us to their relatives and friends. We offer full range of services in all types of insurance for private
individuals and organizations, Our company has been reliable partner for such leading russian and foreign insurance companies as Soglasie, Uralsib, VSK Insurance Group,
Ergo Russia, RGS etc. RUSTRANS Group of Companies is your reliable assistant and adviser for the whole period of insurance policy validity. If insurance case occurs
our experts will clarify all the procedures of interaction with insurance company, and will help to solve all questions with insurance premium.

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At the moment the RUSTRANS Group of Companies is developing a transfer plan for the shipments of the clients using all the advantages of aircraft.

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Delivery of goods in 20 and 40 ft containers or reefer containers

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At the moment the RUSTRANS Group of Companies is developing a transfer plan for the shipments of the clients using all the advantages of railway.


The main thing in our work satisfied customer

  • Number of clients
  • Tons of cargo delivered in 2017
  • Partner companies
  • Transportation for 2017
  • Employees
  • Years on the market
  • Advantages:

    1) high mobility, possibility to arrange load and unload for any shop;

    2) cars can drive the high climbs and small radius road

    3) don't require the complicated load/unload devices

    4) easy shift to road and weather conditions

    5) delivery without intermediate reloads.

  • Advantages:

    1) high lifting capacity (inland water transport up to hundred tons, marine transport – thousands of tons)

    2) about low costs of transportation due to cheap maintenance of vessel engine and parts unlike the railroad and road transport.

  • Advantages:

    1) high speed;

    2) possibility to deliver the shipment to any point (using the helicopter)

    3) big distance of non-stop flight

  • Advantages:

    1) possibility to move big volume of goods to the big distance

    2) high lifting capacity of rolling stock item

    3) disregard to the weather conditions;

    4) possibility to use specialized types of freight cars for transportation

    5) railroad transportation is not laborious

    6) this type of transport is the most eco-friendly

Why choose us Main advantages

  • Quality

    We do our best to give the service of top-level, we improve the quality management system, and guarantee the quality of our service by the qualification of our staff.
  • Customers

    We build the relations based on principles of partnership and mutual profit. We aim to be flexible and meet the expectations of our customers. We appreciate the shipments of our customers the way they do.
  • Staff

    We highly appreciate people working in our company, we see a professional in every our coworker. And together we do our best to improve our skills.
  • Publicity

    We are always ready for communication and we consider it as a possibility for the progress. We speak about the company, technologies and services overtly. We provide the full and reliable information.

Order transportation


Why is there a problem to find a truck to Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad carriers are mostly available unlike the Russian ones)?

The particular geography of the region is the reason. The Schengen visa is required, shipment passes through Lithuania and Latvia, and return shipment (like from Europe) is hard to find. Almost all shipments are planned for the contracts with the local carriers.

Why does the Kaliningrad-Russia transportation require the customs clearance?

The shipment passes through EU countries (Lithuania or Latvia), and this means the special transit customs requirements (we operate all the customs clearance, the costs is included in price).

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